SCM player skins ❁✿❁




the spice girls > the beatles

what the actual fuck

what?? scared to hear the truth??

the first time i saw the yee vid i casually reblogged it like nothing happend but hoenstly i was dying inside. i was tearing up and i started choking and my face was covered in tears and i started wheezing and i had to get up and go out of my room because i was playing it on repeat so much and then i told myself to go the fuck to sleep so i laid in my bed for like 20 minutes just to grab my phone and watch it on repeat for another hour


/can’t stop making dick jokes about naruto swallowing frogs and crows/

also, guilty pleasure ship ≖‿≖

ok actually how tf is your subscriber page on youtube organized.its not by how recently the person subscribed to you bc its happened that i got a sub and it was in the middle, then at the top then at the bottom.literally all 3 so if its not be recent and its not by alphabet i literally dont understand youtube is literally so horrific 

tfw ppl unfollow u for admitting ur blog is all shitposting

if u cant handle the heat step out of the fire………..

my blog is so weird because its like..70% shitposting 30% me talking abt how much i want to fuck gaara and i think the only reason ppl even find my blog is from one of those shitpostings and theyre probably like ‘haha it cant all be shitpostings’


its all shitposting


someone please tell the naruto fandom that sakura doesnt exist to be sasukes baby oven and she doesnt deserve to be reduced to that


hi watch my narusasu amv

dattebayo420 replied to your post “i want to talk about this video so much that i get anon hate abotu it”

Please never stop talking about it

tfw ur fellow glabisr fandomlers got ur back:)

i want to talk about this video so much that i get anon hate abotu it





gaara launches a bagel into sasukes rectum fandom

My fandom what’s our fandom name is it the Bagellers ?


gaara launches a bagel into sasukes rectum fandom