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one of my all time favourite moments in the entire naruto manga is gai’s face when he hears taijutsu is the only thing that will work on madara


that is the face of a man who is going to fuck someone up

btw wehn i say tired i dont mean like.i didnt get enough sleep i mean like.just .tired from everyhting from living u feel

AUs where Gaara met Naruto when they were kids and became bff (cofffuturebfscoff) give me life. Just imagine seven years old Naruto pranking everyone's ass off and Gaara tagging along. jUST IMAGINE THE CUTE

Pplease stop this immediately 

me alone in my room at 3 am: i could so fucking take anyone right now i don’t care what you’re argument is i could tear it apart i could fight someone

when im actually in the situation:im too fucking tired for this


im coming out as a jock

kid gaara being a kid w/o all the bad stuff kills me 

if you really like the Naruto/Gaara GAY ship then you are sick !!!111!1 sick as in fuckin RAD

stupid arguments like people jacking off to dictionary definitions at least i can point out the problem there but arguments that literally make absolutely no sense like i dont even know where to start

barfrainbows replied to your post: in what fucking world does patriarchy …

i think their goal is to make you short circuit by saying things that are so dumb like i’m starting to believe that is actually their goal because they’re super good at it

fucking literally

in what fucking world does patriarchy mean the supposed non biased government like im serious im tryign to look at this every way possible. current societal context?no.dictionary definition?no.Where do mras get their information where does it come from


tea time with perfect mums

like 2 weeks ago an mra in my class said “patriarchy has nothing to do with sexism, its just another name for the government, its like the dmv the dmv doesnt discriminate” he actually.said that and i was going to go off but i was just so mind blown i didnt even know what to say 

we had to design a video game character and write a whole bio on them and mine is a lesbian furry hyena controlling the mafia i hope the mras and bronies in my class get mad


I have no respect for people that are “skeptical” of bisexual teens. You are the reason so many of us bisexual adults spent our teen years in one closet or another. Dealing with that shit was some of the most damaging stuff I’ve had to deal with and I will NOT sit idly by while you do this to more kids. So kindly keep your opinions in the garbage where they belong.