SCM player skins shut the up

and oh my god poeple would tie washboards around their necks and like rub sticks against it and everyone would dance to it holy nshit god bless america

my family got lost in the deep southern parts of louisiana once, there were so many bugs it was literally like it was snowing adn we were surrounded by swamp and then we ended up in a log cabin with a giant crocodile painted on the side called “the jolly inn” , turned out to be a restaurant/dancing joint and we ate shrimp and crawfish and people were squaredancing

i love princess and the frog so much that movei is so good and all the music and characters and juts. ugh it makes me want to go back to the south

is there ever an animated musical sequence that is so fucking good even thinking about it gives u chills

i used to watch veggie tales every day i had all of them on vhs until i had a nightmare about bob eating larry and then i didnt want to watch it anymore

remember when u used to lie and say u where catholic in church because u wanted the wafers


defend non-native speakers of english to the grave

defend people with stigmatized accents to the grave

defend speakers of marginalized varieties of english to the grave

when i was little i used to ask everyone about their dogs because i love dogs so much and i used to get really bored during church so one time during a christmas mass i asked the priest about his dogs and i kept asking until at one point he said “does anyone have any questions. except the girl in the front”

narugaa is so good its just good clean fun for the Whole Family

There is literally only one post on this entire site with 11 million notes


pennis and Dicke balls